31 January 2018 Share

For real estate in Maldonado, Punta del Este is fully occupied

The president of the Real Estate Chamber of Maldonado, Jorge Díaz, said in an interview with Radio Uruguay that Punta del Este is fully occupied during these days.

As mentioned on the air, the season had a great start, however, we must wait and be measured with the first data that have been handled. The final evaluation can only be done when we are in the most advanced part of it.

He also pointed out that the days with the greatest movement are those that go between the parties and the first 10 days of January. In that sense, Punta del Este was fully occupied, hotels also show signs of having reached 100%, as well as buildings and other lodging alternatives. Using the interviewee's own words "the maximum occupation begins to be noticed".

And the season not only means having a complete stay in the destination, but for example, it also highlights the case of entrepreneurs who come and go from Buenos Aires. Jorge Díaz noted that both the real estate sector of Punta del Este and Maldonado, is very professional for many years. "We always advise the moderation to retain the tourist that is important and at the same time protect the tourist destination, what it represents for our country and also for those who visit it".

In this sense, Punta del Este was characterized as an "expensive" resort compared to others in the region but with the increase in prices that are becoming evident in the neighboring country, added to the "measure" that Díaz cited, is that Currently the tourist finds his arrival in Punta more accessible. "There are no increases, or these are very slight for example high-end rentals, but those standards or even cheaper, have not increased practically nothing".

Information source: Radio Uruguay website